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professional developmnet training sessio

Who is a typical licencee?

Business training centres, social organisations, NGOs, distribution companies, etc. 

seeking a ready-made e-commerce model and technology to deploy in their region.

rayOn Franchises: Services
rayOn Franchises: Job Application


Direct communication and transaction tool for your Consumer

1- A fully customized online shop for
every Point of Sale,
representative offices or distributor in
order to facilitate a direct to
consumers (DTC) strategy

2- Digitize your physical networks
of retail points in the relevant markets
in order to eliminate two layers of
brokers from their supply chain.


Accelerate the expansion of your brands in new markets

Register a globally accessible inventory of your B2B products on our mobile applications in order to allow new B2B buyers to purchase and sell your products from anywhere in the world.

rayOn corporate Map_edited.png


Realtime consumer data

We provide your organisation with our
robust real time consumer and market
data collection system through our rayOn platform.

rayOn Corporate services: Services
rayOn Corporate services: Price List

$49 Monthly

Small business

- 2 to 10 Points of Sale
- 2 Employee accounts

$99 Monthly

Medium sized organisation

- 11 to 25 Points of Sale
- 5 Employee accounts

$179 Monthly

Larger Orgnisation

- 26 to 50 Points of Sale
- 15 Employee accounts

rayOn Corporate services: Video
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