Price: 10000 FCFA (XOF)  / Prix 10000 FCFA (XOF)

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A VISA e-wallet to send or receive from all over the world without a bank account.



 The XportCARD prepaid card is a pre-funded and rechargeable Visa International / GIM card. It is internationally usable at all Visa points of acceptance (ATM *, POS ** & Web) in more than 200 countries.

   Some scammers are shipping XportCARD's to perpetrate acts of fraud. HELP US STOP THEM!  Here is what you need to know: 
- An XportCARD only costs USD 20$. 
- An XportCARD can contain no more than $4000 USD, and is loaded upon ID presentation in our Benin branches, or from the "rayOn" apps. 

- We never use Western Union/ MoneyGramm or other money transfer solutions. All of our online sales occure though our secured "rayOn" Apps.
- Your Pin Codes always comes sealed with your card in an enveloppe, and the XportCARD team do not know the code. 
- Your Pin Codes are free. We will never ask you to pay for your XportCARD' PIN code. 

- Exportunity Group and the XportCARD team do not offer loans.

If any of the above does not apply, you have been contacted by a scammer and should not engage with them. 

STAY SAFE! Know more about XportCARDs here: https://www.exportunity.com/xportcard


What are the services related to the XportCARD?
- Real-time banking operations;
- Receipt of payments by online shops
- Online reloading from any country;
- Balance studies;
- POS payments;
- Purchase on WEB;
- ATM cash withdrawal;
- Mini statement of account;
- Transfer from card to card;
- Global Acceptance: XportCARD Prepaid Card is accepted at millions of merchant sites worldwide.

What are the benefits of XportCARD?
- It creates a simple practical alternative to cash;
- The cheapest way to transfer money to your close XportCARD holders abroad at the single rate of 1100 FCFA;
- The process of issuing the card is simplified. You can get it instantly at any Exportunity Authorized Distributor;
- Offers better record keeping than cash (a history of transactions made on the prepaid card is available on the GTP card management system available at www.myubaafricard.com).
- Eliminates the need to carry large sums of money;
- Reduces the possibility of online scam as the card is not linked to the cardholder's account;
- When cash is lost or stolen, it disappears forever and in most cases it can not be recovered. In the case of a lost or stolen prepaid card, the value on the cardholder's account remains intact and may be transferred to a replacement card or other prepaid card.

Who is it for?
-A everyone, more specifically
- Entrepreneurs and traders who make international purchases, both on the internet and traveling;
- To sellers who would like to receive international payments or from their Exportunity online store.
- Dealers resellers who would like to cancel the risk of loss and receive payments directly into their bank account.

What is the cost of XportCARD related services?

✔ Data on the XportCARD Card Charges taken from the amount charged on the card

- Reloading XportCARD in EXPORTUNITY charging centers or in a UBA bank: 1.5%
- Reloading XportCARD via the internet bank: 0.75%
- Reloading via the GTP platform 1.50%

✔ Expense data via XportCARD Charges taken from the amount of the expense

- Online purchase (Web): costs related to the purchase on line on the platform of UBA BENIN;
- ATM withdrawal (UBA or not):

-Transfer of money from one XportCARD to another bank card: Withdrawal of a fixed rate of 1375F Whatever the amount :( Maximum amount per transfer: 500.000f, 3 maximum transfers per day)

Documents to provide to have an XportCARD:
- Complete and sign an XportCARD subscription form; Provide the original with two copies.
- A copy of the identity card of the holder