Vital Sounouvou

One planet, One marketplace


I graduated from high school aged 16, started college; and this was the first thing the professor told me: “After the three years you'll spend here, you won't find a job”. In a context where dreaming is a luxury; growing up, I have seen desperate young adults full of talents and diplomas concede to the most degrading living conditions. Material poverty never stops the wealth of Ideas, and every human being deserves an opportunity to contribute to the bettering of our planet, a ladder to one’s dreams.

Despite the odds, some still have hope, some still dare dream of changing the world, and embark  in their own business venture; I am one of them. I have committed the past ten years of my life to designing, implementing and adapting the Exportunity model, to offer indiscriminate and free access to trade for all. 

Vital Sounouvou, Founder and CEO